For the Winter 2019 edition, 3D Total decided to give away 3 amazing prizes for 3 amazing winners!
Scroll down to see the the coolest Jury, winners and prizes.

Simone Grünwald

Simone Grünwald aka Schmoedraws has worked in the game industry for over 10 years as Art Director, CharacterDesigner, 2D Animator and Key Storyboarder and is now happily freelancing.

Max Ulichney

Max is an illustrator and animation art director based in Los Angeles. His MaxPacks Procreate brushes are used worldwide by professionals and beginners alike. On the horizon he is looking forward to creating his first children's book.

3D Total team

Since 1999 3dtotal has been known as one of the premier locations for 3d artists looking for news, resources and tutorials. Step forward to the present day and 3dtotal is an art book power house, working with some of the best 2d, 3d and traditional artist from around the globe; publishing tutorial books, individual artist titles and the hugely popular magazine CDQ (Character Design Quarterly).

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