Do you have a question about ChildhoodWeek? Please use the contact page. As I get more Frequently Asked Questions we will be updating this page accordingly. Thanks!

Q: What is ChildhoodWeek?

A:  Childhoodweek is an event created by Beatrice Blue to bring up nice memories and turn them into stories to share with everyone. 

It's all about sharing, enjoying and taking a little time for ourselves. It only lasts 7 days so that we take the most out of it while tasting it fully!

It's full of amazing and talented artists, and their wonderful childhood stories.

The main goal is to remember and show to each other our childhood with either paintings, photographs, anything fun!            

There´s an official list of prompts you can follow for the general topics of each day if you want, HERE is a link to the NEW one.

HERE is a link to the past ones.

Check out last events HERE

Looking forward to seeing what you do next winter!

Q: When is Childhoodweek?

A:  Childhood Week is a 2 week event distributed in 2 separate weeks along the year: One for Summer, one for Winter. 

They both start on the first Sunday of both June and December and last for 7 days. 

Q: Can I participate?

A: YES! Everyone can! That's the best part of it, and the main goal! The more we are, the more stories we enjoy!

Q: What if i'm not good enough?

A:  Everyone is good enough! Again, this event is all about enjoying and taking some little time for ourselves on our busy schedule. It's all about sharing and finding inspiration in each other's stories. No matter the format, media or anything else but HAVING FUN. <3

Q: Can I work ahead of time?

A: Yes! The prompt list will usually be released almost a month earlier than the event so that we can all cheat and relax on the process. NO STRESS! Just fun :) It's all about enjoying.

Q: Is there a deadline?

A: Nope! Please take your time and enjoy! Most people will try and make it on that week but it's alright if you can't! Again, this event is all about taking some time for ourselves and enjoying. No pressure, no deadlines. Just fun :)

Q: Where does ChildhoodWeek take place?

A:  Any social media platform is perfect to share your story. However the most amazing place where it takes place is your house and your family while searching for the stories!

Q: Does the winter edition have to do with Christmas? 

A: Nope. It's the Winter edition. Everybody had different sort of winters with different sorts of holidays! So it's about showing that as well! I personally will most likely link it to it only because I always celebrated Christmas as a kid. 

Q: Can I have my own prompt list?

A: Of course! The official prompt list is just a bit of magic to start, but if you have a cool idea you want to show and tell, we'd all love to hear!

Q: Do I have to do the prompts in order?

A: Nope, again just have fun and enjoy as you'd like the most!

Q: Do I have to use my own designs or can I use designs from my favorite game/film/cartoon etc.? 

A: You can use-draw-share whatever you’d like for your Childhood Week . Just remember to follow copyright laws, and respect the original creator's wishes.

Q: If I decide to do illustrations, do they have to be full color? 

A: You can do anything you'd like however you like! I personally will do full color illustrations, but however you feel the most comfortable! 

Q: Where is the prompt list?

A: You can find all past and present prompts HERE.

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